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Laura Cheftel

Laura Cheftel

Project Manager

As the Project Manager for the LANZBC Young Professionals Network, Laura Cheftel oversees and supports the development of the network by liaising with key stakeholders including the LANZBC and the Latin America CAPE. 

Laura joined the LANZBC from the higher education industry, where she specialised in communications, bid writing and project management. In her previous role, Laura collaborated with Latin American businesses and suppliers to deliver government-funded immersion programmes for students, deepening the ties between New Zealand and Latin America. Laura is passionate about fostering relationships across the Pacific, especially around sharing indigenous wisdom to solve the social and sustainability challenges we face.

Before this, Laura spent a year in France - where she was born and spent her early years - as a teacher in three schools.

Laura holds a degree in Philosophy and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford, where she was president of her student union and vice-president of a local charity. In her spare time, Laura enjoys writing, hiking with friends and watching documentaries.