About Us

About Us

The LANZBC Young Professionals Network (YPN) is an associate membership group of the Latin America New Zealand Business Council, supported by the Latin America Centre of Asia Pacific Excellence.

The Young Professionals Network’s membership is open to New Zealand and Latin American students, graduates and young professionals between 18 and 35 who have a proven link or interest in Latin American business and/or culture, and would like to deepen their business, language and cultural links to Latin America.

Our mission

Deepening young professionals’ business and cultural ties to Latin America.

Our purpose

Equipping and empowering the next generation of leaders to engage with Latin America.

Our objectives

  • To establish a peer network that provides opportunities for YPN members to further their careers in or related to the Latin American region
  • To assist the development of YPN members’ careers by providing relevant information, structured networking and professional development opportunities; and keeping YPN members up to date on the economic and political developments that might influence commercial interests in the region
  • To leverage the LANZBC’s networks and activities to provide networking and professional development opportunities to members of the YPN
  • To further develop YPN members’ Latin American language capacities